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waterside-highwayDriving is something that is fairly automatic for most people.

Once start the vehicle, you know exactly what to do next from backing out of the driveway to stopping at the next red light. The entire process is almost automatic simply because you have been doing these actions for a very long time. But things get a little more complicated if you visit a country that drives on the opposite side of the road that you are used to. Now you have to pay even more attention to everything. Or else you might accidentally run into someone or something.

If you are visiting Australia for the first time and plan to hire a car, the first thing you may notice is that Australians drive on the left side of the road. If you are [...]

milkyway-starscapeWestern Australia offers some of the best stargazing spots because of its remote location.

This is why many stargazers and astronomers from around the world make the journey here to get a better view of the stars and capture stunning images. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an astronomer to stargaze as everyone can appreciate the night sky. You just need to be as far away as possible from light pollution. The good news is those who are in Perth won’t have to travel very far to find the perfect stargazing spot.

Here are some of the best places for viewing clear skies around Perth.

1. Roebuck Bay

The best months to visit Roebuck Bay is from March to October where you can witness breathtaking views of the moon reflecting off the [...]

highway-trafficToll roads are commonplace throughout Australia, particularly in the capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. When hiring a car in any of these areas, you are responsible for paying the toll. Fees typically vary between states but not paying for them can result in a fee.

Here is an overview of toll roads in Australia and what you can expect if you are travelling here for the first time.

How tolling works

Toll roads are an important part of the infrastructure in major capital cities. Unlike other parts of the world where you can simply pay cash or use a credit card, the toll roads here are all cashless. That means you will need to an electronic tag or user pass.

The amount you pay also depends on the road [...]

set-of-keysTraffic rules are strictly enforced for safety reasons.

Most accidents that occur could have been prevented if both parties had paid more attention to the road and followed traffic laws. If you exceed the speed limit or drive carelessly, you put yourself and others on the road in danger.

Any of these actions will likely get you pulled over by law enforcement. If that happens, you will be fined and get a point added to your licence for violating traffic results. The extent of both largely depend on how serious the violation is. A penalty for drink driving will be much harsher than barely going over the speed limit.

Here is a list of common demerit point offences in Western Australia:

Speeding over the limit: 2 to 20 points depending [...]

road-to-the-horizonRenting a car is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to explore a new city when on vacation. You can leave your resort anytime you want and go straight to your destinations without having to rely on public transportation. Renting is also incredibly affordable and even more so when travelling with a group.

Here are tips to choosing the right rental car to make the most out of your trip.

1. Count All Passengers

Let’s start with the obvious.

How many people are you travelling with? A luxury convertible may sound like a great idea with the wind rushing through your hair as you ride along the coast. But it’s not exactly a practical or comfortable choice if you are travelling with your family. So take note of how many passengers [...]

handing-over-car-keysIt happens.

You rent a new car for an upcoming trip.

But the moment you drive out the parking lot, you find yourself staring at the center console trying to make sense of all the controls. If renting a car feels like a new experience, that’s because it is. With your own vehicle you are already familiar with where everything is but the same can’t be said for the car rental.

When renting a car it is important to familiarise yourself with the vehicle especially if it’s your first time. Follow these steps to quickly learn where everything is.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Basic inspections are typically done for the interior and exterior of a rental to ensure that it arrives in the same condition. It is also a good idea [...]

101023598We’ve all been there at some time. You’re in a new city, ready to explore its myriad of sights and attractions. But rather than taking care of your own trip planning, you decided to book a package tour. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you’re stuck in a lumbering coach with a bunch of people stopping off to see attractions that you really weren’t interested in to begin with. If only you had taken advantage of car hire at Perth Airport…

At first glance, a packaged tour can seem like a high-value deal. After all, the travel agencies that sell these tours are quick to play up the value of the products and services featured in their all-inclusive tours:

All transport Daily breakfast Accommodation Entrance fees to attractions Wine tastings Special [...]

child-in-car-seatTravelling as a family is a great way to enjoy new experiences together. But when bringing the kids along to the next trip, their safety is absolutely a top priority. There are legal requirements in Australia around child car seats to reduce the risk of injury.

Penalties for not properly securing your children in a suitable seat for their age and size include expiation fees and demerit points. So when travelling with young children, make sure that they are safely fastened before departing on your trip.

The following is an overview of the national child restraint laws.

Children up to six months old: If your baby is below six months, he or she must be secured in an approved rearward facing restraint that is designed specially for babies. Double check that everything is [...]

perth-skyline-and-parkThere is no better way to explore a city than by car.

Public transportation is certainly convenient but the experience is often marred by long waits and sudden delays. Whereas when driving your own car you can leave anytime you want and go straight to your destination. When travelling to a new city, you will definitely want to hire a car to get around town.

But with so many different rental companies available, how do you go about choosing the right one? Here are some tips to help you in the right direction.

Compare Prices

Travelling is already expensive enough once you factor in all other costs. If you are on a budget, then your first concern is likely how much a rental will cost you. Costs typically depend on the vehicle [...]

hands-over-toy-carWhen on holiday, renting a car is perhaps the easiest and most convenient solution to getting around town compared to using public transportation. You can set off to and from your destination anytime you want without having to wait for others. Rentals are very affordable and even so more when travelling in a group.

But one thing to take into consideration is if the rental gets into an accident or is damaged.

Rental cars are typically fully insured but you, the hirer, will be held liable for an initial amount in the event of an accident. The amount varies but it usually costs upwards of a few thousand dollars. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce this liability by paying for car hire excess insurance.

The following provides more of an overview of what car [...]

Fantastic service! Great staff, reliable service, great condition cars which were new and clean and well maintained. Best car rental company in Perth!
Usha Raman
Usha Raman
03:02 21 Feb 18
Booked a car over the christmas period. Everything you could ask for, quick efficient quality service. Although not a big name brand, I will have no worries about using Ace cars again if I ever need a rental car in Perth.
George Cunliffe
George Cunliffe
04:32 15 Jan 18
This is one of the best rental car experiences I have had hands down. I walked in and felt right at home. They were upfront about everything and even saved me some money with the miles. I would highly recommend this car company to anyone in Perth. I returned the car and they gave me many options to return. I have rented cars at a lot of places, with a lot of companies, and this one takes the cake.
Jd Ball
Jd Ball
02:07 14 Jan 18
We have rented a mini bus for 12 days to go around Pinnacles down to the Great Southern Region (Walpole, Denmark), WA. The mini-bus they provided us is almost new, clocking around 130 km. The vehicle is clean inside out. The best per day rate and service in the area! and nothing beats the kind gestures of the boss to discount me for the excess kilometers that I clock! 5/5 due to service, rate and vehicle conditions.
Ken Poliran
Ken Poliran
06:16 08 Jan 18
I came to visit Perth from the UK and needed a car ace were highly recommended by friends and they did not disappoint at all.The guys were friendly, knew their stuff and were very helpful nothing was too much trouble.The car was great to drive and comfortable we enjoyed it without any problems at all.The main reason we had them recommended was they are so reasonable and that was also the case.In other word 1st class service I will use again and I recommend to anyone who wants a car
Pam Jackson
Pam Jackson
04:01 23 Nov 17
Our car was Cheap and Good quality!!Unfortunately we made a problem by an accident. I didn't speak English well but they tried to understand me and dealt it quick. We had a big holiday. They gave us another car so we can get it. We were very thankful. They're so kind and gentle!!
yoshie U
yoshie U
11:05 08 Nov 17
Very professional, excellent customer service. Friendly team, very accommodating. The Camry Altise was great value for money. A great rental in the heart of Victoria Park.
Cherie Hyland
Cherie Hyland
13:41 31 Oct 17
Great cars along with great service, I choose these guys every time I visit Perth. Easy booking system, Friendly & very helpful staff. All modern, nice, clean vehicles.5 Star !Thanks Ace Rent a Car- See you next year ! ;))
lee eddie
lee eddie
04:59 28 Oct 17
Just rent a 12 people mover. Nice car to drive. Comfortable and lots of space. Easy to book and return. Very friendly staffs
chong shin bong
chong shin bong
01:17 16 Oct 17
Very good value. I returned the car late but they waived the extra cost. I will definitely use them again.
Bill Yin
Bill Yin
08:44 13 Oct 17
This company has got it all, great prices, great vehicles, friendly, and a great hirer price. Forget budget, see and deal with real people. Peter Sanno Marracoonda Hotel. Perth.
Ryan Dale
Ryan Dale
02:00 18 Sep 17
Wow, what an experience! My wife and I pre-booked a van hire today and could not be more satisfied.We only required the vehicle for two separate days, so not exactly a million dollar contract. (Their prices were extremely reasonable) and Commercial Services Director Ajay, completely understood our needs and patiently and professionally took us through the process - all in the space of ten minutes. We have used this company in the past and can't praise them highly enough.The very best customer service!
Bernie Davis
Bernie Davis
06:49 29 Aug 17
I really satisfied with ace. Recently i rent a 12seater commuter bus and a hyundai accent. Both are smooth.. Dealing with the staff satisfy me well. I just connect with them via fb so easy.once u settle the dealing, they will sent you a quotation email and just click the link given once you have confirmed. Of course i will comeback and rent with them because the vehicles served is very comfortable and smooth.. Thanks ace.. See you again.
Farah Jojo
Farah Jojo
10:56 03 Aug 17
Excellent fast service, lovely new Hyundai Accent to commute around Perth on our stay from the Pilbara. Great pricing. Easy to find. We had to extend the hire twice and they were very accommodating.
Rohana Maines
Rohana Maines
12:50 12 Jul 17
Chose Vic Park agency online on basis of reviews and proved to be a very wise choice. Ajay could not have been more helpful both at delivery and upon return. Little Toyoto did the job for two seniors and two big cases. Why stick with the multi-nationals when you can get service (with a smile) and great value from the smaller owner-operators? Many thanks Ace.
Kiwi Rua
Kiwi Rua
06:52 13 Jun 17
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