Top 10 Scenic Drives Around Perth: Your Ultimate Car Hire Guide

Perth is one of Australia’s most striking cities, with its stunning beaches, historic towns, hills, vineyards and vibrant city life. Less busy than Sydney and Melbourne, hiring a car and driving around Perth is an ideal way to see the city and get a feel for the fourth-largest city in Australia.

Read our guide to the top 10 scenic drives around Perth, and get ready to drive to some breathtaking places!

1) Sunset Coast Drive (40 km)

Sunset Coast Drive takes you along Perth’s scenic coastline. Your journey will begin at famous Cottesloe Beach, where you can get your coffee and food fix at one of the many cafes and restaurants, and continue along the West Coast Highway until you reach Two Rocks, where you can take photos of the famous King Neptune sculpture; a remnant from the now defunct Atlantis Marine Park.

The Sunset Coast Drive is especially beautiful at sunset (thus its name), where you can watch the blazing sun sink into the Indian Ocean.

Must-See Spots

  • Reabold Hill: The highest point on Perth’s coastline, which has beautiful city views.
  • Scarborough Beach: One of Perth’s most beloved beaches. Take in the view and get something to eat and drink.
  • Hillary’s Boat Harbour: A brilliant place for shopping, home to the Aquarium of Western Australia and the gateway to Rottnest Island, where you will find the famous smiling quokkas.
  • Mullaloo Beach: On a hot day, you may need to take a break from driving to cool off and stretch your legs. Mullaloo Beach is the perfect place to stop and take a dip in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean.
  • Mindarie Marina: Travel to Mindarie Marina for a laidback Mediterranean village feel, with many dining options and kid-friendly activities.

Best Car Options

  • SUV Compact (2WD) (Mazda CX30 or similar).
  • Compact (Hyundai i30 Hatch or similar).

2) The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail (32 km)

The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail is the ultimate trip through Australia’s oldest wine region. It combines beautiful scenery, delicious food, and some of the country’s best wines.

Begin the drive in the historic town of Guildford and make your way into the stunning Swan Valley with its rolling hills, vineyards and quaint towns.

Must-See Spots

  • Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery: See amazing examples of Indigenous Australian art and experience Aboriginal culture with bushtucker tastings.
  • Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm: If you prefer furry animals, this farm has plenty of cute, cuddly animals to feed and cuddle.
  • The Mandoon Estate: Located on the banks of the Swan River, this historic estate features a winery, brewery, hotel and fine dining options. It is perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • Sandalford Wines: With a long history dating back to 1840, Sandalford Wines is a much-loved and famous winery in Swan Valley that should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list.
  • Oakover Grounds: The perfect place to spend a long, lazy afternoon. Enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant, refresh with a glass (or two) of wine, sit back with a casual picnic on the grass, or try the free family activities on offer.

Best Car Options

  • Intermediate SUV 2WD (Nissan X-Trail or similar)
  • Standard SUV 4WD (Suzuki Jimny or similar)

3) The Pinnacles (191 km)

It’s hard to believe that the otherworldly-looking Pinnacles is only a two-hour drive from Perth. They are one of Australia’s most impressive natural landscapes and a beautiful example of Western Australia’s rich landscape.

The lunar landscape and limestone spikes protruding from the ground must be seen to be believed. No matter when you visit, you’ll be sure to get some Instagram-worthy photos of this truly unique place.

Must-See Spots

  • Lancelin: On the way to the Pinnacles, stop at the Lancelin – a place for adventure and fun. Sandboard down the incredible white sand dunes, or keep an eye out for native wildlife.
  • Cervantes: After visiting the Pinnacles, take a short detour to the small fishing town of Cervantes, where you can get a delicious meal at the Lobster Shack. Keep an eye out for all the Spanish influences in this charming town.
  • Thirsty Point Lookout: Featuring stunning views of the Indian Ocean coastline and a perfect place for the kids to swim and let off some energy in the shallow turquoise water.
  • Lake Thetis: Lake Thetis is home to thousands of stromatolites and thrombolites (layered rock formations), one of the only places in the world where you can see these ancient living organisms.

Best Car Options

  • Standard SUV 4WD (Suzuki Jimny or similar)
  • Compact (Hyundai i30 Hatch or similar)

4) York (98 km)

York is Western Australia’s first inland European settlement and is rich in history. Learn more about the history of European settlers in Western Australia with a visit to York’s heritage precinct. Walk down the main street and feel like you’ve been transported back in time with restored colonial buildings lining the street.

If you visit from September to November, you’ll see the beautiful wildflowers, while August-September is canola season. The drive to York is the perfect road trip for history buffs.

Must-See Spots

  • Mundaring Weir Dam: It is not only a pretty spot to stop off for a picnic but also has a rich history as an engineering marvel; it once pumped water 700 km away to the Kalgoorlie Goldfields.
  • Mount Brown Lookout: Offers gorgeous views of the countryside, including the canolas in full bloom (when they are in season).
  • Penny Farthing Sweets: A must-stop for anyone with a sweet tooth. Penny Farthing Sweets is an old-fashioned sweet store with fun memorabilia.
  • York Motor Museum: For car lovers, York Motor Museum is home to a vast collection of classic cars and race cars, including the famous ‘Never Never Tours’ ute, which was used in the movie Crocodile Dundee and is signed by actor Paul Hogan.

Best Car Options

  • Full size (Toyota Camry or similar)
  • SUV Compact (Mazda CX30 or similar)

5) The Avon Valley Drive (98 km)

The Avon Valley Drive takes you along the Great Northern Highway through rolling farmland and historic towns, showcasing Western Australia’s pastoral beauty. The drive ends at the quaint town of Toodyay, which has a fascinating history that dates back to 1831.

At Toodyay, you can find a Christmas shop that is open year-round, an archery school for beginners and the world’s oldest emu farm, making this a quirky and fun town to visit.

Must-See Spots

  • Bakers Hill: A charming little rural town that is famous for its meat pies.
  • Northam: Famous for their white swans, which visitors are allowed to feed. It is the largest inland town in Western Australia and is also home to Australia’s longest suspension bridge, which crosses the Avon River.
  • Goomalling: Goomalling has an impressive display of murals, sculptures and mosaics.
  • Beverley: See beautiful examples of colonial architecture rich in pioneer and settler history.

Best Car Options

  • SUV Compact (2WD) (Mazda CX30 or similar)
  • Intermediate SUV 2WD (Nissan X-Trail or similar)

6) Serpentine and Jarrahdale (60 km)

An awe-inspiring region of waterfalls, wineries and forest trails that feels a world away from Perth CBD, even though it is located only a short distance away.

Jarrahdale was founded in 1872 as a timber mill town, while Serpentine was founded in 1891 as an agriculturally rich area.

These historic towns are perfect to visit year-round. However, they are extra special during Spring when you can spot wildflowers blooming. Popular activities include having a picnic beside a waterfall, riding along the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail, taking a horse ride through Jarrah Forest or walking along peaceful bush trails.

Must-See Spots

  • Serpentine Falls: Serpentine Falls is located in Serpentine National Park and is one of Perth’s most famous waterfalls. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a feast with a wonderful view, or enjoy a dip in the water on a hot summer’s day. Ensure you arrive early enough to grab a good spot.
  • Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre: If you’re adventurous and want to ride a horse, the Jarrahdale Equestrian Centre is the perfect place. Located at the base of the Darling Range, it offers horse riding for all ages with a wonderful view of the Jarrahdale hills.
  • Millbrook Winery: Located in Jarrahdale, this stunning vineyard is located on a chestnut farm with an award-winning restaurant. Stop here to enjoy an excellent meal and a refreshing glass of wine.
  • Old Post Office in Jarrahdale: To go back in time, visit the old post office in Jarrahdale, which has been transformed into a museum run by the Jarrahdale Heritage Society.

Best Car Options

  • Standard SUV 4WD (Suzuki Jimny or similar)
  • Intermediate SUV 2WD (Nissan X-Trail or similar)

7) Zig Zag Scenic Drive (40.1 km)

Offering some of the best views in Perth, the Zig Zag scenic drive takes you through Gooseberry Hill for breathtaking views over the Swan Coastal Plain. Travel along a winding one-way road to discover different landscapes, with every bend providing a new perspective.

Keep in mind that the scenic drive is only open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and is one-way. Stopping is only allowed in specially designated areas and extra care should be taken with the speed limit. Head east from Perth CBD to begin your Zig Zag adventure.

Must-See Spots

  • John Forrest National Park: Before the scenic drive, stop at John Forrest National Park, where you can walk to Hovea Falls.
  • Kalamunda National Park: Take a short hike to the Rocky Pool, where you can see beautiful wildflowers and local wildlife.
  • Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail: This trail, which begins at Gooseberry Hill and ends at Pickering Brook, is a monument to the historical railway track. It passes by Gooseberry Hill Siding, Kalamunda Station, and Green’s Landing.
  • Statham’s Quarry Walk: For fans of exciting outdoor adventures, this is the walk for you. It comprises of a 5.9 km loop through Gooseberry Hills National Park which offers scenic views of the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp.
  • Darlington Estate Winery: After an adventurous day, reward yourself with a delicious meal and a nice glass of wine at the Darlington Estate Winery.

Best Car Options

  • Compact (Hyundai i30 Hatch or similar)
  • Standard (Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar)
  • SUV Compact 2WD (Mazda CX30 or similar)

8) Fremantle to Rockingham (31.5 km)

The Fremantle to Rockingham trail traverses Perth’s southern coastline along the Stirling Highway. Fremantle is one of Perth’s culturally rich suburbs. It is home to the best-preserved 19th-century port streetscape in the world and has a vibrant arts and festival scene. After visiting Fremantle, continue driving along the Marine Terrace to visit the popular South Beach.

Before reaching Rockingham, stop at Coogee, where the more adventurous travellers can enjoy the Coogee Maritime Trail, which begins at the Omeo Shipwreck. Rockingham is a marine paradise, which is a haven for penguins and dolphins, and the perfect playground for snorkelling in dive wrecks and swimming with dolphins. End your road trip at Point Peron with a swim in one of its calm bays.

Must-See Stops

  • Fishing Boat Harbour: Positioned between the ocean and the sea, this harbourfront destination boasts gorgeous panoramic water views and excellent dining options. From here, you can also drive out to Garden Island, an island in the Indian Ocean.
  • Coogee Maritime Trail: The Coogee Maritime Trail includes a dive, snorkel, and land-based trail centred around the Omeo Shipwreck. Marvel at the colourful marine life and view artificial reefs and underwater art sculptures.
  • Woodman Point: Explore the lush park and the jetty, which is the perfect place to get some great photos for social media.
  • Rockingham Foreshore: Revitalised in 2019, the Rockingham Foreshore has become the perfect destination for locals and tourists alike. The three main areas include the Boardwalk, offering water views and access to the beach; the Railway Terrace, a shopping and dining strip; and Beach Plaza, a centre for cultural and heritage attractions.

Best Car Options

  • Standard (Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar)
  • Full Size (Toyota Camry or similar)
  • SUV Compact 2WD (Mazda CX30 or similar)

9) Mandurah (70 km)

Mandurah was named ‘Australia’s Top Tourism Town’ by the Australian Tourism Industry Council’s ‘Top Tourism Town’ Awards in September 2023. Begin your road trip by heading south on the Kwinana Freeway and taking the Mandjoogoordap Drive.

Mandurah’s estuary is twice the size of Sydney Harbour, meaning there’s much to explore on the water. Take a dip at the Mandurah Estuary Pool, hop on a cruise, search for bottlenose dolphins, hire a boat or jet ski, or go fishing for Mandurah’s blue swimmer crabs.

On land, there are fantastic dining options with fresh seafood and plenty of places to explore, including searching for Thomas Dambo’s Giants of Mandurah sculptures, the Creey Wetlands, Len Howard Conservation Park or one of Mandurh’s famous beaches.

End the trip at Yalgorup National Park in the Shire of Waroona, home to coastal lakes, wetlands, native birds, rare Tuart Trees and the living fossils of Thrombolites.

Must-See Stops

  • The Giants of Mandurah Spots: The Giants of Mandurah are six giant-sized sculptures created by artist Thomas Dambo and located in different locations around Mandurah. You can join an e-bike or boat tour to view the giants or follow the treasure hunt game to find them all.
  • Peel Harvey Estuary: Take a guided nature tour of the bushland and waterways with Salt and Bush Eco Tours. Walking tours and kayak tours are available.
  • Len Howard Conservation Park: Enjoy a 2km nature walk and spot interesting bird species.
  • Halls Head Beach: One of Mandurah’s most popular beaches due to its Insta-worthy staircase.
  • Yalgorup National Park: Home to 11 coastal lakes and wetlands, migrating native birds and Thrombolite living fossils – some of the oldest living formations on Earth.

Best Car Options

  • Intermediate SUV 2WD (Nissan X-Trail or similar)
  • SUV Compact 2WD (Mazda CX30 or similar)
  • Compact (Hyundai i30 Hatch or similar)

10) Collie (201 km)

Collie is only a two-hour drive south of the Perth CBD. It was once Western Australia’s most prominent coal mining town. Today, it is a nature wonderland with bright blue lakes, lush forests, and panoramic views of the Jarrah Forest, hills, and farmland.

It has steadily become the favourite destination of adrenaline junkies, with Collie becoming a vast outdoor playground for tourists and campers. Mountain bike trails, kayaking, canoeing and cycling have all become popular recreational activities in the region.

Take a mountain bike through Blackbutt and Marri Forests, kayak or canoe in Minniup Pool, and water ski on Lake Kepwari. Whether you love water or land, you’ll be sure to find something to do in the vibrant town of Collie.

Must-See Stops

  • Black Diamond Lake: With its turquoise blue water, Black Diamond Lake is one of Collie’s most Instagram-worthy spots. It is a popular spot for water sports like kayaking, canoeing, or floating leisurely down the lake.
  • Collie Mural Trail: Featuring an impressive 40 murals, the Collie Mural Trail is spread over the Wellington Dam, shops, and community centres. It depicts the region’s natural environment, Collie’s history, and local Indigenous culture.
  • Stockton Lake: Stockton Lake is another popular lake in Collie for water skiing and other water sports. It is also a popular camping spot with 50 campsites within the general area.
  • Collie River Walk: This 10 km walking and cycling track winds its way around the Collie River and is a great way to explore the native wildlife and bushland. Start at Soldiers Memorial Park, continue to Swinging Bridge for a view of the river, and end at Minniup Pool for swimming, kayaking, or a waterside picnic.

Best Car Options

  • Standard SUV 4WD (Suzuki Jimny or similar)
  • Intermediate SUV 2WD (Nissan X-Trail or similar)

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