Road Safety Tips When Driving in Australia

road-into-the-distanceMany car accidents occur as a result of failing to follow traffic rules.

Even one second with your eyes away from the road can have devastating consequences. While some accidents are impossible to anticipate and avoid, evidence shows that most are actually preventable. This is why it is important to recognise road rules at all times.

Here is a guide on traffic rules in Australia to ensure safe and enjoyable travels on the road.

Do I need a driver’s licence?


If you wish to operate a car legally in Australia, then you need to have a valid driver’s licence or else you risk heavy penalties if you are caught without one. If you are travelling from overseas, you must have an international driving permit.

Can I rent a car in Australia?

Renting a car is a great way to travel around Australia. But there are also certain requirements which are common across the industry. Remember to bring a valid driver’s licence along with an international driving permit and a passport for ID. You will also need to bring your credit card for security purposes.

Which side do Australians drive on?

Australians drive on the left side.

If you are travelling from the UK, then this will be easy enough to remember. But if you are travelling from a different where drivers drive on the right side, this may need some getting used to. Always be mindful on the road and always look both directions even if it’s your right of way.

What are the speed limits?

All drivers must adhere to speed limits which varies depending on where you drive (e.g. toll roads have higher speed limits than residential roads). If you are ticketed by law enforcement or are caught by a safety camera, you will need to pay a fine. The amount depends on the state you are in and how fast you were driving over the limit. Even if you don’t see a sign on the road, speed limits still apply.

What is the penalty for drink driving?

Driving under the influence is not only incredibly dangerous to you and other drivers around you, it also carries serious penalties in Australia if you are caught by law enforcement with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 per or higher. Any higher and you risk incurring heavy penalties, which depend on the state you are driving in.

Either assign a designated driver for the night or refrain from drinking altogether. The risks are simply not worth it.

What about using a mobile phone?

More and more countries are beginning to recognise the hazards of driving while using a mobile phone, and are passing appropriate legislation including Australia. Anything that takes your eyes off the road for even a second can greatly reduce your reaction time in the event you need to avoid an obstacle or face a sudden stop in traffic.

If you are travelling to Australia for the first time and plan to drive, be sure to familiarise yourself with and adhere to all traffic laws. For any questions about car hire in Perth, our team is here to help so contact us today for further assistance.

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